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Cardiac Arrest SAVE!

Saturday, March 14, 2015 0100 hours The Engine, Ambulance, and ALS Chase Car from Kensington Company 5 were dispatched for an elderly citizen having trouble breathing at a residence. When Co. 5 units arrived onscene, the patient was unresponsive and it was confirmed that the citizen was a working code. Crews immediately began CPR, obtaining IV access, and airway management.

The patient was worked up for approximately 8 minutes when return of spontaneous circulation with a strong radial pulse occurred, quickly packaged for transport, and on the way to the hospital with two Volunteer Paramedics from Co. 5.

Following up the next day, the Crews were informed that the patient was conscious, alert, and fully oriented! Kensington Co. 5 is especially proud of the actions of our Volunteers as they:

  • Contributed to a neurologically intact Cardiac Arrest save - a very difficult feat.
  • All in-service units were dispatched on this call and worked seamlessly toget... [ more ]



Vehicle Overturned

Saturday, February 28, 2015 0922 Early Saturday morning, units responded in front of the Safeway in Kensington for an overturned vehicle. Upon arrival, crews found a vehicle that lost control and struck two pedestrians at the metro bus stop.

Units from Station 5 and Rescue 2 worked together to stabilize the car and transport the two pedestrians to the hospital.



Apartment Fire

Sunday, February 1, 2015 0300 Early Sunday morning, units responded to the 5100 block of Dudley Ln in Bethesda for the apartment fire. Upon arrival, crews found a four story apartment building with fire showing from the siding on the delta side. 

E705B and CT705 operated on the scene for an extended period of time.

Co. 5 Units:
Chief 705 (FC J. Heflin)
Chief 705D (DFC C. Dimopoulis)
E705B (Lt. L. Russell, FF T. Nguyen, FF J. Gannon, FF C. Holcombe, FF D. Angeles, Prob. Y. Luc)
CT705 (Capt. A. Hawkins, Prob. M. Walsh)

Burnt Siding

Burnt Siding

Apartment Damage

Apartment Damage


Townhouse Fire

Friday, January 30, 2015 0131 Early Friday morning, units responded to the 19000 block of Brewer House Rd in Bethesda for the townhouse fire. Upon arrival, crews found a two story townhouse with fire showing throughout the first floor and from a window on the second floor.

E705B and CT705 operated on the scene for an extended period of time.

Co. 5 Units:
-Chief 705C (DFC J. Connell)
-Chief 705D (DFC C. Dimopoulis)
-E705B (FF B. Cox, Lt. R. McHenry, FF J. Murray, FF J. Mullins, Prob. A. Ochoa)
-CT705 (K. Forti, Prob. S. Guarino)

The First Floor

The First Floor

Initial Onscene

Initial Onscene


House Fire

Sunday, January 11, 2015 0900 This morning, just after 0900 hours, units responded to the 9700 block of Admiralty Drive in Silver Spring for the house fire. Upon arrival, crews found a single family home with fire showing from the basement.

E705B and AT705 operated on the scene for an extended period of time.

Co. 5 units:
-Chief 705 (Heflin)
-Chief 705B (Jones)
-E705B (Chief A. Hawkins, Lt. L. Russell, FF J. Gannon, FF R. DiGiacinto, FF K. Laughren)
-AT705 (Lt. R. McHenry, FF D. An, and FF S. Ali)

Fire on First Floor

Fire on First Floor

The Crew of E705B

The Crew of E705B



During the holiday season we have become familiar with ‚ÄúBlack Friday‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúSmall Business Saturday‚ÄĚ, and ‚ÄúCyber Monday‚ÄĚ.

On Tuesday, December 2, Kensington Volunteer Fire Department asks that you participate in "#GivingTuesday" and GIVE to your community Volunteer Fire Department, to support the equipment and apparatus, and so that Kensington VFD will always be ready to respond if your family, friends, or home needs us!

GIVING on Tuesday is easy.... click here and know that 100% of your donation will go to help support, supply and train the men and women of Kensington Volunteer Fire Department where 70% of all shifts, every week, are 100% staffed by Volunteers!

more ]

No matter if you are braving the shopping LINES on ‚ÄúBlack Friday,‚ÄĚ  Know that our hose LINES are always ready in an emergency!

No matter if you are braving the
      shopping LINES on ‚ÄúBlack Friday,‚ÄĚ
      Know that our hose LINES are always
      ready in an emergency!

Perhaps ‚ÄúSmall Business Saturday‚ÄĚ takes you shopping at the FAMILY-owned stores, our family is always prepared to help yours.  (1 family, 4 generations - all have volunteered for Kensington)

Perhaps ‚ÄúSmall Business Saturday‚ÄĚ
      takes you shopping at the FAMILY-owned
      stores, our family is always prepared to
      help yours. (1 family, 4 generations -
      all have volunteered for Kensington)


KVFD remembers 9/11

Kensington Volunteer Fire Department was fortunate to have been able to secure portions of the structure from both the World Trade Towers in New York City and the Pentagon. These important pieces of the nations history were then transformed into a striking memorial with the help of many members of the Community we serve.

Throughout the year, Members of the Community and KVFD can visit and reflect upon the impact of the events on September 11, 2001.

Images of the Memorial from the early hours of September 11, 2014 can be found on our Facebook page at:




Thursday, September 4, 2014 0445 Starting at 04:35 hours, Career and Volunteer units from Kensington Volunteer Fire Department(The Village, Aspen Hill, Glenmont, and Olde Town), Rockville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. (Rockville and Twinbrook), Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc., Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department (Olney), Silver Spring Fire Department (Montgomery Hills), Bethesda Fire Station 26, Hillandale Volunteer Fire Department (Colesville), Germantown Volunteer Fire Department (Town Center) responded and operated for the report of smoke from the house. One occupant self-evacuated after a neighbor noticed the smoke.

Aspen Hill and The Village units arrived to find smoke in the area and a confirmed basement fire. Units initiated the attack and search, rescuing the second occupant from the structure who was transported to a burn center. At this time it appears that there were no working smoke alarms in the house.

More info will be posted as it becomes available including the ful... [ more ]



Units respond for House Fire!

Thursday, August 28, 2014 17:00 Career and Volunteer units from Kensington Volunteer Fire Department (Glenmont, Olde Town, The Village, and Aspen Hill), Silver Spring Fire Department (Montgomery Hills, Silver Spring, and Four Corners), Ft. Detrick Federal Fire Department, Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc., Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad, Inc., and Hillandale Volunteer Fire Department responded and operated for the report of a house fire.

Glenmont units arriv... [ more ]



A year of Volunteering at Kensington!

What does a year of volunteering at Kensington look like? Have a look!

We are always searching for new Volunteers and have many benefits such as Live-In and Scholarship opportunities! Please give us a call at (301) 929-8000 for more information.



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